Biti živ ali živeti?

Eno eksistenčno vprašanje pred začetkom novega tedna… Ampak včasih je prav postavljati tudi takšna vprašanja…


“Life” is a heartbeat and a pulse. Active metabolism. Nothing more. People who are brain dead on a ventilator are “alive” because the cardiac monitor says so. But preserving “life” can sometimes be cruel. Patients kept alive in a comatose state can develop chronic bedsores, contractures, cancer pain, broken bones, infections, and other maladies.

“Living” is the ability to appreciate and enjoy life. Someone who is alive can communicate. They can savor the smell of apple pancakes in the morning, enjoy listening to their grandchild’s first words, and reminisce about watching Roger Maris hit home run number 61. Maybe it’s the wink of an eye when you’re feeling down, maybe it is only the ability to smile and to feel comfort in the touch of another, but living allows someone to interact with the world around them.

Vir: The Difference Between Life and Living « WhiteCoat Rants

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